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Since the late nineties “Center Shqiptare” has been operating, alongside the most important companies that carry out packaging in the luxury sector, in Italy and Europe.

We produce for them daily: paper or fabric shoppers, cheap and luxury collapsible boxes, clothes covers, clutches and other sartorial items.

To support our customers, we have put in an ever-increasing professionalism, thanks to all the necessary technologies to offer a complete service.

More than twenty years of experience, today we are considered to be the most important company in this sector throughout Europe.

The fact why we like to call ourselves the PACKAGING ARTISANS is because despite the entry of important technologies in the control of processes, the secret of our quality is thanks to the masterly hands of our staff, almost female ones.

To trace the market’s evolution, in recent years we have been dedicated to the development of packaging lines in small print runs, delivered in a few days, thus giving our customers new business opportunities



  • fast and safe delivery
  • quality and reliability of the workforce
  • the project and design department
  • mockup’s realization in specific times
  • in search for innovative raw materials
  • constant updating of the product park         


Our lines of paper shopping bags are created to satisfy all needs. They are all handmade and they offer the possibility to be personalized already from 50 pieces.

The DAILY line, 110 gr of paper, twisted handle turned upside down, reinforced on the bottom and can be personalized in four colors. It looks like an automatic production but it is all handmade.

The STRONG line, 160 gr of paper, cotton handle, reinforced on the bottom and flapped, can be personalized in four colors or hot stamping. The right compromise between an economical shopper and a strong one with manual quality.

The ELEGANT line, high-quality paper pulp from 200 gr, cotton handle, reinforced on bottom and flapped, can be personalized in hot stamping. It is refined or high–class in its simplicity.

The LUX line, 180 gr one-side coated paper, reinforced on the bottom and flapped, personalized in four-color process with glossy or matt lamination. The chromatic rendering of this paper has always bright and lively colors, which makes this line really amazing.

The SHOPPER BOX line, closable with interlocking system, precious 240 gr pulp paper, cotton handle, reinforced on the bottom and flapped, personalized in four-color or hot stamping. Among the pastry formats we have inserted a “panettone” holder, large cake holder and a cake holder.


Our boxes, all of them collapsible to take up little space, can be made and personalized from very small quantities.

The MAGNET BOX line, made with high- quality 90 g pulp paper coupled with cardboard, available in 6 paper colors and 7 sizes, personalized in four-colors or with hot stamping starting from 25 pieces.

The E-COMMERCE BOXES line, made with a strong micro wave and white craft paper on one side and brown on the other, can be personalized in four colors.

The SHIPPING BOX line, with double-sided adhesive in the closure to facilitate the return, made with a sturdy micro wave and white craft paper on one side and brown on the other, can be personalized in four colors.

The BOTTLE HOLDER BOX line, made with a strong micro wave and white craft paper on one side and brown on the other, can be personalized in four colors. They are available in the format for a horizontal and vertical bottle, two and three vertical bottles.

The FOLDABLE BOX line, made with 400 gr extra white paper, can be personalized in four-colors or hot stamping.

The GIFT BOX line, available with carrying handles, with cotton handles for e comfortable transportation, made with a strong micro wave, can be personalized in four colors.


All our fabric items are completely handmade, this is the reason why we can provide to you with such low quantities.

The SHOPPER IN COTTON OR TNT, available with four-color printing or one-color screen printing. We have chosen a very strong 185 gr white or raw cotton and an economical 70 gr white TNT.

The ZIPPINE or POCHETTE, are made of 185 gr cotton or eco-leather, zipped, can be personalized in four colors. These items are in high demand by beauty centers and cosmetics companies.

BAGS WITH COULISSE CLOSURE, are often used as a shoe holder, are available in TNT or cotton and can be personalized in four colors.

The SHOULDER BAG or BACKPACK, is made of 70 gr TNT or 185 gr cotton, can be personalized in four colors. It features a coulisse closure and a 5 mm diameter cotton handing ropes.

The GARMENT COVER can be made and customized in many ways. For example, the faux leather version can be available from a single piece. It has a rectangular cut, a zip closure in the center along the vertical and an extra zip which keeps it closed in half when is folded and grabbed by the handles. The black TNT version is only available with a rounded cut and personalized in silk-screen printing.


A series of accessories to make your packaging look high class. The aim is always to provide fancy accessories starting from the minimum quantities.

TISSUE PAPER line 30 gr one side coated, starting from 100 sheets can be personalized in four-color.

CLOTHING BAGS line, is made of tissue paper instead of polyethylene, personalized in colors from 100 pieces (coming soon)

RIBBONS line, in satin on one side or in grossgrein, personalized personalized with hot stamping, in screen printing (also in relief) or in four-color printing. Starting from only 250 meters.

RIBBONS JAQUARD line, made directly on the loom with a combination of two colors. Starting from 200 meters.

OFFICE KIT line: folders, folders, briefcase. Everything you need to customize an office or professional studio.

COMMUNICATION line: invitation envelopes, receipt holder, card holder, TAGS, stickers. All the essentials for communication in stores.


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